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¿Auto clutch=slower?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by javi racing, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. Im just getting started here in iRacing. I wonder If you get any disadvantage If you use "auto clutch" hep. I am using the Mazda (rookie class) now. As I am not used to use H shift + clutch pedal, I notice I do much faster times If I play with secuential paddles and auto clutch (so I can use left foot for bracking).

    However, It is obvious that playing with three pedals and H shift is more realistic and fun. The question is, once I dominate manual clutch, will be faster than using paddles? I mean, is there any sort of penalty for those who play with auto clutch, or it would be just as fast

    I have to say, I use blip technique when I downshift while playing with paddles, which makes me faster. If I use three pedals, that would mean heel and toe, which I have already tried and makes me totally slower..

    Share your opinions please,,,Thank you
  2. Yeah, no assists is quicker, but only if you mastered it.
  3. i, for one, have given up unlearning auto clutch after a couple of years using it. i tried some while back but it actually looked and felt like work while i play games for fun, there were hundreds of brakepoints missed and motors blown up, hours spent in free training mode with no online fun, so, yes, it's not very sim-like and probably quite unprofessional and it costs me about 0.5 a lap self-proclaimed experts say, but i will forever be an auto-clutch nerd :)
  4. It's not like driving a car is work, it's just a case of learning how to really. Once you've done that it's a piece of cake.
  5. Just do whatever makes you faster. For you (and me, and a lot of other people), the fastest option seems to be a combination of paddles, left-foot braking, and blipping. I'll freely admit that I use a button clutch as well for some cars.

    Is this realistic? No, but neither is driving a car where you can only see out of half the windshield. Sometimes, you have to adjust.
  6. Emerson Meyer

    Emerson Meyer
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    From the day that auto-blip was penalized, the people started to use the macro clutch.
  7. So you think Auto clutch does not penalize

    However I have just started using none helps. It´s more realistic and I feel better shifting with H pattern and Clutch pedal

    I would prefer auto clutch to be penalized. It would be more fair, because this is a Sim xD
  8. Auto clutch does penalize. But again, you're not using it so it's no problem. Just curious: which H-shifter are you using? I have the old G25 and the Fanatec, but I don't like either much (although I think the Fanatec is better).
  9. Im using G27, I like it too much, no problems with it

    About the clutch, definitly is too much fun driving none helps, but I still being a few slower
  10. FYI, no car requires a clutch on downshifts. It can make the car more stable to use the clutch, but a blip can be used even in the road based cars with h-patterns. I do it in everything.
  11. Very true, although I find I have to floor the throttle with the MX-5 to get it to downshift without the clutch.
  12. I can downshift in my street 94' MX-5 without the clutch aswell, it's just not "safe" enough to do it consistently and fast. On iRacing it is much easier, the gap to get the gear in is much wider I think.
  13. I go whichever is the most fun, to me it's using manual clutch :) I couldn't care less if I'm a bit slower each lap because of it, since I'm not the best driver out there. It's the fun that counts in the end imo!