• Goodbye Dan Gurney, and thanks for the memories...
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Why LAG is bad - #SPSimRacer

Was out in an online bout with a friend (BigRaymond72) when he began to trouble with some latency spikes (LAG)...the result... :(((
My RIG:-
MoBo: Asus Maximus Formula III
CPU: Intel i7 880 (OC 3.80GHz)
RAM: G-Skill RipjawsX 8GB @1333MHz
GFX: Asus GeForce GTX 1050Ti
Case: Corsair Crystal Series 460X RGB
Water Cooled: Corsair Hydro Series H80i v2
Power: Corsair CS550M (550 Watts)
Monitor: Asus Designo MX259H 25" (1920x1080)
Controller: X-Box One
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