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Qualification Stats ►3rd Fastest Lap ► Race Stats ► R1 Start Position ► 3rd R1 Race Result ► 1st R1 Fastest Lap ► SuperPole ► 2nd Fastest Lap ► 58.264 R2 Start - R2 Start Position ► 2nd R2 Race Result ► 4th R2 Fastest Lap ► If you like my videos or channel, you can donate here, Thank you! ► PayPal ► tbazsi95 at gmail.com Car ► Formula Truck - Volvo Truck Track ► Red Bull Ring Spielberg Ring A1-Ring Simulator ► Assetto Corsa Steering Wheel ► Logitech G27 Stream Software ► Open Broadcaster (OBS) Display ► Samsung LED TV UE32F6200AWXZH Cameras ► Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 Logitech HD Webcam C525 Computer ► Windows 7 (64 bit) Cooler Master K380 ASUS Z87-PRO V Edition Intel Core i7 4770K Sapphire HD7870 8GB RAM League ► VSR - Virtual Simracing Blog ► http://tbazsi95.wordpress.com/ Partners / Sponsors► ► ToldiNET - http://toldinet.hu ► Simracing.hu - https://www.facebook.com/simracinghun... ► Virtual Simracing - http://vsr.hu