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Turbo Lagged | RRE Nissan 300 ZX @ SPA

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George Vasmoulakis
Brand new car pack release by Sector 3, featuring the Nissan 300ZX, Audi Quattro and the Ford Mustang forming the GTO class.

Fun cars to drive and they are all quite different from one another so buying the pack certainly offers value, I am running an AI race @ Spa to test them out. Very fun to drive with decent FFB provided by the game, it makes for a challenging drive as the Nissan constantly tries to spin you out, kind of reminds me of the Group 5 cars which is certainly a good thing.

I am using crewchief for the callouts that should really be used by anyone running RRE, it provides great feedback and adds to the simulation. You can download the latest version @ https://forum.sector3studios.com/index.php?threads/offical-release-of-crew-chief-version-4-auto-updating-and-shiny.2516/

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