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Trying out a Motion rig for the first time. Iracing

Greg Latty
Got a chance to try out my first motion simulator at LeMay - America's Car Museum in Tacoma, WA.. Not the best laps but it was fun as hell. Iracing was the simulator used
  1. Andrew Harper
    Andrew Harper
    You did ok there my friend. I know what you mean I had a go on a motion rig last year and it takes some time to get adjusted. You actually end up hating going in the gravel or clipping the grass because the rig tries to shake you to bits! lol Good fun though.
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  2. Lorenzo Bonder
    Lorenzo Bonder
    HPD on Lime Rock, this museum really didn't have any other options for an iRacing track? :p

    Cool drive though Greg, The HPD gives a challenge on this track.
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  3. Greg Latty
    Greg Latty
    thanks guys. Ya Andrew, when driving on a motion rig its a whole different element added.... Consequences lol.. it adds a whole other dimension to sim racing. I can only imagine this with a vr Headset.. And Lorenzo, They had 3 machines set up. The other 2 were Road america and daytona oval. I didnt try the oval, but Road America was the same car.
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