• Little Aussie Racing Cars: For when three-wide around a hairpin isn't quite close enough.
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TopCorsa [Ep.1] - KTM X-Bow

This is the first power lap! Featuring the KTM X-Box!

Hope this can entertain you for some time :)

If the feedback is positive about this video, well I guess I'll need to start working in new episodes (For every Wednesday, starting 9th of September).

I had a lot of work doing this. I appreciate constructive critics ;-)

Help me doing this my giving Stig facts, the ones that start by saying some say... And also choosing the next car to feature the next episode. It can be a official car or mod. If you prefer a mod choose a good one please. Comment pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Subscribing would make me motivated ;-)
And also giving a like to the video :-P

Lap Time: 1:21:148


For Assetto Corsa mods visit my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/acmodded
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  2. Billy Pilgrim
    Billy Pilgrim
    This is a lot of fun. Thank you.
    Have you got a link to the Top Gear track?
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  3. Dzigstar

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