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Top Gear Two Hour at The Nordschleife

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David O'Reilly
Some say that to farewell a time passed, that a group of TV presenters gathered at the Nordschleife for a final 2 hour race.
This is that story.

This is a tribute to Top Gear.
Starring The Stig, Jeremy, The Hamster, Captain Slow and guest starring Jan Mardenborough. With Joe Osborne (who was that guy?).

It was created using one human player (in the orange GTR) and 10 AI drivers in RFactor2. Each of the key characters had their driving performance parameters (speed, aggression, consistency, qualifying pace, start performance adjusted to suit their "fictional character".
Then it was done in one take. No re runs, no gimmicks, this is what happened over 2 hours of racing. Just in case you are in in doubt the full results sheet is here.

AI were set at 105%

It is a work of fiction, any resemblance to characters living or dead is entirely co incidental.

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