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The Other Other Interlagos - CART (Automobilista)

Stephen O'Sullivan
Not the modern Interlagos, not even the 1976 GP Interlagos, but Interlagos Oval - and in CART cars. Three laps, AI 100%, Medium Aggression, default set-up, clean underpants. Hold on tight...

CART mod (thanks to Patrick Giranthon and many other fine modders): http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/cart-extreme.10810/
  1. Monstro likes this.
  2. Monstro
    there is no other AI as the one AMS provide.
    it looks like multiplayer, amazing.
    AI behavior looks like real opponents.
    what a great job from Reiza

    Great vid Stephen
  3. Stephen O'Sullivan
    Stephen O'Sullivan
    Thanks for the nice comment, @Monstro. I'm glad you enjoyed the video. Automobilista has really come alive after numerous AI updates although there is always room for more improvements.

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