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The cars of Dirt Rally - Germany

In This Album

DiRT Rally - Greece Gameplay - Night Dust, Perfect Run (Almost) (EP2) Dirt Rally // Time Attack 11° // 306 Maxi // Germany 10 - "Hold Third" Dirt Rally // Foucs 2001 vs Subaru Impreza 2001 // Wales Dirt Rally // 70's Alitalia skins // Stratos + Fiat 131 // Germany // Onboard + TV DiRT Rally - Finland Gameplay -  Huge JUMPS, Perfect Run (EP1) The cars of Dirt Rally - Germany DIRT RALLY, FORD ESCORT COSWORTH, A GOOD RUN AGAIN! Dirt Rally - Monster FIA World Rally Cross Gameplay - Hell RX Final Dirt Rally // Audi Quattro Sport vs Lancia Delta S4 vs Lancia 037 // Montée Carlo Dirt Rally - 345 World Wide - Cosworth - Sweden - Gameplay - Setup Sunday Dirt Rally - Monster FIA World Rally Cross Gameplay - Hell RX Semi Final Dirt Rally:Logitech Driving Force GT Finland Naarajarvi(Sprint) Dirt Rally Seat Ibiza @Kakaristo top 30 Replay+On Board
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Think of yourself as a spectator on a German special stage, watching the whole field of cars available in Dirt Rally pass you by.

Sadly the Lancia Stratos retired 1km in to the stage. ;) I recorded it but simply did an error when putting this together.


All custom skins found can be downloaded att http://www.racedepartment.com

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