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Stock Car Extreme - Formula Classic Practice @ Kansai

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24 hours of the Nordschleife WTCC 2013 @ Bathurst WTCC 2013 @ Bathurst WBB sovalla race2 (Server2) Project CARS | Racing Icons Car Pack | BENTLEY CONTINENTAL GT3 Apex Stalkers Touring Car Championship, Round 1, Main race. Stock Car Extreme - Formula Classic Practice @ Kansai Nissan Skyline 2000RS @ Portimao - Group 5 - RaceRoom Racing Experience WBB Chayka Rev Commodore Race 1 Project Cars - Club Race @ Monza rFactor 2: 24 hours of the Nordschleife DiRT Rally - Real Co-driver rF2 - Lunatic laps with the Corvette @ Spa -66 DiRT Rally Gameplay: Force Feedback Experiments - Episode 7
Gui Cramer
Just cruising about in my favorite car in my favorite track in the game :). Almost default setup, less fuel and running the regular soft tires for a race feel. I managed to lap in the high 1:41s here, these are just a couple of laps to get a feel for the combo!

PS: The car is a fictional rendition of the McLaren MP4-4 and the track is Suzuka.
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