• Little Aussie Racing Cars: For when three-wide around a hairpin isn't quite close enough.
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SimDash Telemetry and Data test

Thomas Vasileiadis
SimDash update video.Test all the functions that is ready to work until now to the main screen SimDash.

For this test i set up :
1.Fuel alarm when fuel is at 30% of MaxFuel load.
2.Fuel alarm when fuel is at 10% of MaxFuel load.
3.Front Left tyre temp when is over 27 degrees (just for this test)

Thank you for watching.
  1. Toymoi and Jari Vinnari like this.
  2. Toymoi
    Good video, thanks. I did not know this program.
  3. Thomas Vasileiadis
    Thomas Vasileiadis
    it is a program that i create it Toymoi...is in work in progress mate.
    Toymoi likes this.
  4. Toymoi
    My congratulations. Is beautiful.
    Thomas Vasileiadis likes this.

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