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Jason Palmer
Check out my first race using the new Sim Racing System service via the Assetto Corsa app.

SRS provide fully tracked and ranked online races for sim racers looking for some good clean racing.

On Assetto Corsa they have two races this week, one the KTM X-Bow which starts on the hour every hour and the other is a longer GT2 race which is every two hours again on the hour.

Once you download the app you can register and join their races in sim much as you would if you were using iRacing, which this system reminds me a lot of, in a good way !

The racing was very competitive, close but clean with every one mindful that there performance was being tracked and would be used to rank them for their next race.

I had a half spin towards the end of the race as the tyre wear cut in, but i was careful about re joining the track and took my time to find a empty bit of track to get back on track with so as not to increase my incident ranking after going off track.

To find out more about this great service, including how to sign up and the other sims they support please check out the news story over on the pitlanes.com website -


or you can go direct to their website and forum here -


Its a completely free service and the more racers get involved the better the service will become, so please sign up and try it out today.

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