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Sebring 12h: Corvette crashes through gates and ends up on public road

Car crashes through gates and onto city streets after brake failure

Source: http://www.foxsports.com/motor/story/video-sebring-brake-failure-crashes-gates-drives-on-streets-032616

This incident happened in one of the club races leading up to the Sebring 12h race last week
With Ricardo Edelmann, Frank and 3 others people.
  1. Mathias Nielsen
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  2. Ricardo Edelmann
    Ricardo Edelmann
    Holy fckn ****! Dat sound tho... unfortunate brake failure :D and nice video :D
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  3. Daiman Patel
    Daiman Patel
    HAHAHAHA! What the...!? :roflmao: As Rico says, a very unfortunate time to have a brake failure indeed! I wonder if it's possible to simulate this in rF2... :whistling:
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