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RX-8 @Trento-Bondone (Assetto corsa 1.5.9)

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ASSETTO CORSA / HOLDEN COMMODORE V8 / CIRCUIT GILLES VILLENEUVE (MONTREAL) Assetto Corsa - Lotus 49 @ Nordschleife - Onboard Triple Screen Assetto Corsa Lamborghini Hurracan GT3 Nordschleife 6:56:490 Assetto Corsa Alfa Romeo 4C Nordschleife 8:06:411 Assetto Corsa - RUF RT12 R - Black Cat County ASSETTO CORSA-Audi RS4 B7 PREVIEW (WIP) RX-8 @Trento-Bondone (Assetto corsa 1.5.9) Assetto Corsa: Rally Legends Mod - Fiesta WRC VR46 @ Trento-Bondone Assetto Corsa - Mercedes Benz AMG GT3 - Barcelona Moto ACRL GT3 EU PRO Round05 Zandvoort Assetto Corsa: Veloce GTS-8 - Episode 92 Having fun with RX-8 (Assetto Corsa 1.5.9) Audi RS4 B7 PREVIEW
Just a little mountain cruise with couple of crashes

Logitech® g27

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