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RUF RT12R @ Nurburgring Nordschleife in Raceroom R3E

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[Rebel Online Racing] WTCC 2015 Hotlap of Brands Hatch  -  46:547 RaceRoom | Nordschleife 24h Start lap - Real POV Raceroom - BMW M3 GT2 @ Nordschleife - Onboard triple screen RaceRoom: Lada Vesta WTCC 2015 [Cinematic] Formula Raceroom 2 vs. Monza * hotlap * setup slow start RUF RT12R @ Nurburgring Nordschleife in Raceroom R3E RaceRoom Racing Experience - Le WTCC 2015 sur la Nordschleife ! R3E: NSU at Nordschleife Aquila CR1 Cup @ Macau - Aquila CR1 Sports GT - RaceRoom Racing Experience 60FPS DTM 2015 #11@ Moscow Raceway R3E - Nordschleife - BMW 320 Turbo Drive this little beast @ Nords is insane! :D R3E - Nordschleife - Corvette Greenwood 1977
A quick lap around the recently released Nordschleife in Raceroom. Driving the RUF RT12R TGR3 which was a lot of fun. There's a bit more time to be made with this combo but worth recording for a bit of a look...
  1. Greg Latty likes this.
  2. Greg Latty
    Greg Latty
    nice driving. This is one of my favorite combos in this game. This car feels so alive at this track
    enkay74 likes this.
  3. enkay74
    Yeah, it puts a smile on your face lapping in this car & track!
  4. Insert Coin
    Insert Coin
    Amazing rig man!
    enkay74 likes this.
  5. enkay74
    Cheers! been slowly adding & changing it over the years!!

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