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Jason Palmer
Last weekend in the UK the TOCA series hit Oulton Park with a whole host of races featuring both open closed wheel cars.

This first video tries to emulate the Porsche Cup series by using the excellent Flat 6 Mod.

After a poor qualifying i lined up 14th but made a great get away and gained a place or two before the second turn !

After that it was just a case of trying not to over drive the car, although that went out of the window on lap 4 where i get passed after a very scruffy lap !

The field did spread out towards the end but i managed to pick one final place by the end to come home in 6th.

I have to say rFactor 2 really feels great with the Fanatec CSW v2.
The more i drive this sim the more i can really feel the way the FFB model can help your driving with such quick and precise feedback.
I can now really push and even when i over do it i am still able to scoop things up again !

rFactor 2 is available on Steam - http://store.steampowered.com/app/365960/

The Oulton Park track can be found here -

The Flat 6 mod can be found here -

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