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rFactor2: ASR Formula SAE @ Toban Short

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Gui Cramer
First lap on the new ASR XX Formula SAE, the cutest, tiniest car available, at the brand new Toban.
  1. Gijs van Elderen
    Gijs van Elderen
    Build 1072?

    Car looks like fun. Sound doesn't really fit with the car. reminds me of my scooter: open exhaust screaming full revs at topspeed: 30km/h :-p
  2. Marc Collins
    Marc Collins
    These cars are a blast to drive. Needs virtual mirror fix. The FFB gets compressed into too small a steering range (a la karts and Palatov). And yes, the sound seems to be a placeholder from some F1 car. But honestly, these may become one of my favourite rF2 cars, they are that fun and realistic to drive. And ASR knows what they are doing, so I am sure an update will cure all issues.
  3. Gui Cramer
    Gui Cramer
    Yeah, Gijs, the sound is not fitting at all :p.

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