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rFactor 2: PRC DW12 Indycar Series Round 1 @ Mid-Ohio

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Gui Cramer
Round 1 of the Phoenix Racing Club Indycar Winter Series took place in Mid-Ohio. 10 of the 16 registered cars took to the grid (1 DNS) for an incredible 39 laps of racing.

The battle for 1st place was a constant factor with 3 drivers fighting for the top spot. I started 3rd but jumped to 1st and for the next 26 laps, held on the amazing - and awesome - pressure from Phil and Alex. Alex momentarily took P1 but I chased him back for it.

Leaving the pits on lap 27, Phil had passed for 1st and Alex was 2nd. I passed Alex and then Phil on lap 31, as he ended up going off and falling behind Alex. For the next 8 laps, the incredible battle at the front would continue.

Alex passed on lap 33 but 2 laps later I regained P1. Alex kept closely behind, looking for an opportunity and then on the last chicane section, I made a mistake of downshifting too quickly and locked the front right. I kept the car going but Alex pulled alongside. Going into the last corner, not able to see him, I gave way too much room - he wasn't there - and suffered from no grip and possibly dirty air from the backmarker, sliding off the tarmac and onto a heartbreaking, Wayne Rainey-like 2nd place finish.

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