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rFactor 2: Porsche 917K @ Le Mans Bugatti Circuit

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Gui Cramer
Very pleasant, leisure-drive car. It has very underwhelming visuals and modelling but it started as a free 3D model that a community member was able to obtain so can't complain much there. It lacks driver animations (that's not the mod's fault) and the immersion is affected, but though it still has the rF2 "boat" soft feel to it, it interjects that with some very desired and welcomed precision into corners! Especially on the lower gears the responsiveness is great.

There is some wondering about of the chassis but the tires feel better than the other historics in the game - even if it's borrowed from the Howstons or not. The tires ... I need more time for judgment. The rF2 bias-ply behavior, with its fault so exemplary displayed by the Cobra, is still present there but like I said before, there seems to be something done with rigidity or something else that somewhat improves longitudinal grip. Or it's just the different chassis parameters, who knows.

Anyway, I'm cautiously optimistic for the future of this one. It needs polish and lots of texturing work but hey, maybe a lot can happen between v.70 to v1.0!

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