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rFactor 2 - Online - Nissan GT-R GT500 - Sebring / First Drive + Race [Build 1108]

Crashhard Banger
Studio 397 released their first new build just before Christmas. Lots of improvements for stock car and ovals - but the big news is Online Multiplayer is now free. They also dropped a surprise release of the Nissan GT-R SuperGT car. I hopped online in the early hours and found a quiet lobby running the Nissan at Sebring. Thanks to Gupster for sharing his set-up which helped loosen the car up. A few laps of testing followed by a 15 min race - which went surprisingly well for a first drive. The car handles really nicely - however my brake-balance was too forward and lock-ups killed my right-front by the end. All good fun.

Happy Holidays!

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