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Rfactor 2 Gameplay Corvette C7R @ Adelaide Clipsal 500

In This Album

EVO VI - Assetto Corsa Forza 6 career 6 Nightfall series Race 1 Forza 6 Career 03 Super Street Club Circuit Series (60fps) Forza 6 Career and Freeplay Replay (60fps) Rfactor 2 Gameplay Corvette C7R @ Mount Panorama Bathurst Rfactor 2 Gameplay Corvette C7R @ Adelaide Clipsal 500 Assetto Corsa * P4/5 Competizione * Zandvoort * setup * hotlap Peugeot 205 T16 EVO 2 @ Col St Roch (Monte Carlo) - DiRT 3 Complete Edition 60FPS (Replay) Forza 6 United State Circuit BMW M4 Forza 6 Silverstone Rain LaFerrari Forza 6 Nürburgring Rain Ford GT Rfactor 2 @ Adelaide Rfactor 2 @ Montreal
Track: https://mega.nz/#!xhpS0YZT!MkR0JtBm8BCCx7F3CZvOo8u8Bao-ryDz3DcAbnSgAxc

Car: http://www.unitedracingdesign.net/

Recorded using NVIDIA Shadowplay
Video made using Cyberlink Power Director 13 Ultimate.

Intel i5-3570k CPU
Asus p8277v-lx2 Motherboard
16Gb DDR3 Ram
1Tb Hard Drive
250GB Samsung Evo SSD
ASUS Strix GTX970
Corsair RM750 PSU
ACER XB270H G-SYNC Monitor
Thrustmaster T300 GTE
Thrustmaster F1 Rim
Thrustmaster TH8RS
DSD 32 Button Box
Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals
Fanatec Inversion Kit
DSD Tilton style pedal pads

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