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rFactor 2 - Endurance Series (1.0) - Road America - Ligier JS P2

Crashhard Banger
EnduRacers' Endurance Series mod comes to rFactor 2. There's a lot of content, Prototypes and GTE. I took one of the newer models, the 2015 Ligier JS P2, for a 'round-the-clock spin at RA. Stock set-up.

This is the best version of Road America IMO. Some lighting glitches with signs/banners at night, but not distracting when racing.

- EnduRacers Endurance Series rF2:

- Road America by DIGGA and Senorman:

Game Settings:
- All Assists: Off
- Damage Multiplier: 0%
- AI Strength: 100%
- AI Aggression: 100%
- AI Limiter: 0%
- Time Scale: x60
- Tyre Wear: x5
- Fuel Rate: x5

I set AI Aggression to 100% so the P2s didn't get stuck behind the GTEs. However they're liable to throw it down my inside under braking - resulting in damage and a long pit stop for me. So I set Damage to 0%. It only affect bodywork, not tyres.

My only complaint is when I damaged the tyres, my G27 was shaking and rattling so violently on the straight that things were falling off my desk!! Almost undriveable. Can't find a way to filter it out without losing a lot of steering feel. Sadly the rattling is an inherent problem with G27 and DFGT wheels.

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