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rFactor 2 - DX11 First Look - Night Lighting - Benchmarks

Crashhard Banger
'Bloomin' heck'. Night racing has more sparkle. I ran some day-night races to check out the new lighting effects. There are a few tracks with 'proper' lighting implemented and it really adds to the ambience at night. Misano esp looks great altho bit too much bloom on Ultra.

The video setting menu at the start shows the wrong spec. I'm running an i7-4770 + GTX970 + 8GB RAM + Win10.

TV CAM KILLS FPS!! I averaged @70-90 FPS in-game (less at start of race) - but the replay TV cameras dropped to @30-40 FPS!!
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  2. paul carter
    paul carter
    Excellent video an comparison. I have a sapphire 7990 vapor x (6gig) an on the first beta release it was unplayable even with post off. Since their hotfix update for AMD it's got better.. not sure if multi view is also killing FPS? If your using only 8 gig of ram... an getting those FPS it has to be the card issue I'm suffering with.. as I'm running 32 gig of ram ?
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  3. Crashhard Banger
    Crashhard Banger
    Thx Paul. Yes, if you're running triple-screens @1080p each, you're pushing 3x more pixels than me!! I overclocked my 970 to 1505 MHz and memory to 1900 MHz - and it was maxxing the card... RAM usage was only 4-6GB - but VRAM usage was high. 3.5+GB on Ultra - near the card's limit. I wouldn't be able to run triples with those settings... Have you tried lowering some of your in-game graphical settings such as anisotropic filtering, shadows, particle effects, etc.. it should help with FPS. Cheers!
  4. paul carter
    paul carter
    On first launch nothing helped... in game settings turned to minimum settings .. after the hot fixes however multi view an all in game settings maxed out an with no post processing I'm now pushing solid frames again.. even tried low post an it's much better.. believe 397 are intending to release frequent updates an problem solutions .. think there's even live time reports direct back to them? Either way rFactor 2 is going places..
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