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Thrustmaster 24 Hours of Le Mans (LIVE)
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rFactor 2: Brabham BT20 - Race at Monaco '66 - AI 120% [Real Wheel Overlay]

Here the original video from my POV:
Game: rFactor 2
Mod: Brabham BT20
Track: Monaco 1966
Game Device: G27 + Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals
No assist to drive
Driving with H shifter and manual clutch

Trying to follow the AI set to 120% :)
I'm a little out of practice with the Brabham, but the race pace was not so bad (the lap 10 is the fastest: 1:25.3), I could keep the AI pace, and could even be a little faster, but it is not easy to overcome, because the AI in acceleration is very good and always run away. but I could recover the disadvantage in the last sector, making the chicane like a crazy :)
Monaco in historical version is beautiful but very complicated, especially the chicane is practically a lottery! it's really hard to be consistent and fast in race, with the knowledge that one mistake can cost you dearly.

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