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RDOWC S1: Round 3 Santa Cruz (Highlights)

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#iRacing 2014S2W2 Skip Barber at Silverstone 6 Assetto Corsa Lotus Exos T125 S1 on Silverstone (01.37.961) Toyota Celica Toyota Celica Toyota Celica Toyota Celica RDOWC S1: Round 3 Santa Cruz (Highlights) 2188 Green Hell with flowers in my hair X-Bow on the Green Hell Nordschleife 2007 AC Nordschleife Nordschleife Toyota Celica
Dave Stephenson
http://www.racedepartment.com (PC) Game Stock Car. RD Open Wheel Championship round three highlights from Santa Cruz do Sul
  1. Remik and Bram like this.
  2. Bram
    Good old days of F3's :)
    Dave Stephenson likes this.
  3. Dave Stephenson
    Dave Stephenson
    Didn't feel the same now. Might be me but the tire model and suspension seem a little different.

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