• Home of the RD Le Mans Series by Vesaro
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RD T5 spa

  1. Andrew
    WOW, that looks awesome. :)
  2. Si
    Thanks Andrew, really please with the RD logos and descriptive pieces!
  3. Andrew
    Wonderfull piece of work you have made there. Respect. ;)
    Si likes this.
  4. Coennos
    When i watch this i get excited again, great!
    Si likes this.
  5. Falko Renner
    Falko Renner
    great work simon :)
    Si likes this.
  6. Andy Jackson
  7. Oscar
    Fantastic! Just watched that last lap of race 1, makes me sweat just watching it!
    Si likes this.
  8. Galin Dimov
    Galin Dimov
    Let's make that DTM 2013 league happen :D

    @Si, great video!

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