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RD MX5 Cup | Round 4 Monza

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Huracan 488 GT3 BMW Z4 GT3 Assetto Corsa // AE86 vs. GT86 // Gunsai Touge Assetto Corsa: Ferrari F138 | Red Pack/1.7 Review - Episode 105 Audi R8 RD MX5 Cup | Round 4 Monza Assetto Corsa [60fps], Broadcast- and Helicopter-Camera @Spa Assetto Corsa - BMW Z4 GT3 at Nurburgring Assetto Corsa - Lotus 2 Eleven - Nordschleife Assetto Corsa Vs Real Life  - Ferrari F1 248 2006 @ Nurburgring World Endurance Championship Result WEEKEND Challenge
Davy Vandevenne
Moving into Monza, the consensus is that the race will be decided by team tactics and draft. Top speed and smart positioning will be key, but good braking technique into the chicanes is equally important. As it is almost impossible to break away from the field on this track for any driver, we might see some of the closest combat yet this season.


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