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RaceRoom RE | Chevrolet Cruze | Hungaroring | Online Race

Wojciech Swirydowicz
RacinGameShow [ RGS ] Presents:
Gameplay from RaceRoom Racing Experience by Sector3 Studios.
This is 15 minutes online race. The grid was a bit thin, but it was nice 3 way battle for a win all the way to the last corner.

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Outro Music:
Deliberate Thought by Kevin MacLeod
  1. Greg Latty
    Greg Latty
    Nice Vid.. What are your system specs and Graphics settings? Looks pretty good
    Cesar de Oliveira likes this.
  2. Wojciech Swirydowicz
    Wojciech Swirydowicz
    All maxed out. Nvidia GTX970
    Jok3sta likes this.

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