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RaceRoom Racing Experience @ Chang International @ Silouete Series @ CrewChief 3 @ 1080P 60Fps

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Miguel AR Silva
The new Race Track added to RaceRoom Racing Experience Content, tested with the Silhouette Series cars.
Edited using multicam.

Racing against AI, with 100% and Get Real mode.

In this video i used the Crewchief V3.0 addon that makes our racing life easier since we get all info on our surrounding and on the car. Really nice like Iracing. Its very good and we also can add test to speach and request info on the mic. Check the link below for this addon.

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CrewChief V3.0 Link Download - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4KQS820QNFbN1VfZHRZMDdSc1k/view?usp=sharing
Sector3Forum Crewchief Page - https://forum.sector3studios.com/index.php?threads/offical-release-of-crew-chief-version-3-with-a-ton-of-new-features-and-a-proper-spotter.2516/

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