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RaceRoom Racing Experience - BMW 635 CSI - Zolder

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Jason Palmer
With all the talk of the newly announced BMW M6 GT3 coming to RaceRoom later this year i thought i would dust off the old BMW 635, which is part of the Classic touring car class.

This beast of a car uses a H pattern gearbox and with it being RWD will happily kick its rear end out.

Luckily with all the updates to the physics model and FFB that have been recently introduced to R3E you now have a chance of keeping this car on the black stuff.

I completed a race weekend with a practice session, qualifying and a 10 minute race with 18 cars and the AI set at 120.

I lined up 2nd on the grid but after a cautious first lap i dropped to 3rd and then slowly fought my way back to 1st on the last lap !

To find R3E on Steam please check out this link - http://store.steampowered.com/app/211500/


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