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RaceRoom | Crewchief App V3 + Download

Georg Ortner
Featuring driver names & voice recognition.
Download Crewchief app by mr_belowski here: https://goo.gl/HgdNRh

ADAC GT Masters Race against AI on Spa-Francorchamps.


➥My Rig:
SimXperience Stage IV http://simxperience.com/
Logitech G27 + OMP Trecento rim http://goo.gl/TKvQnq
Thrustmaster TH8RS Shifter http://goo.gl/pyjC2u
i7-970 @ 3.20 GHz | 16 GB RAM | GTX 770

➥ My FFB Settings: https://goo.gl/GqyyQa

➥Follow me:
Twitter https://goo.gl/1Mc9Ni
Facebook https://goo.gl/64nJvu
Twitch http://goo.gl/OhB4wB
RaceRoom http://goo.gl/QF2dtM
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