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R3E - Touring @ Mid Ohio - 30 min Endurance vs AI 105

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race 08 iRacing Official Class A fixed series at Las Vegas FF1 2015 Spa incident US 98T Event V8 Supercars @ Adelaide Game Stockcar Extreme Assetto Corsa: RDVFAC - Season Highlights (60fps) R3E - Touring @ Mid Ohio - 30 min Endurance vs AI 105 RD BARBS 100 F1 2015 Gameplay Ideas DTM 2010 at Barcelona National | ESL AC , F1 2009 Williams FW31 WIP 1M / Silverstone 991 GT3 991 GT3
Fun and long race against AI (105).
I had a blast running here: Mid Ohio looks really great and it has a very nice flow.
AI wasn't the fastest, probably I should have raised to 108 or 110, cause they were losing speed on the straights (which is where I caught up). They were a bit rough from time to time but mainly because of my errors. I still think this AI is one of the best (if not THE best) around and I hope they'll continue to improve it as they go.
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