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R3E Singleplayer - Touring classics Zolder

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BMW M3 Drift F14T F14T 458 iRacing BSRF1 Season 2 Round 6 from Sebring - Good recovery drive Assetto Corsa Nissan Skyline R34 Drift + Download Car R3E Singleplayer - Touring classics Zolder Shadowplay Test 1 F1 Challenge 99-02 | Lets Play Ep.1 | (F1 1999 Career Mode) | Old School Sunday F1 2013 Gameplay (F1 - 2014 Italy GP | Post Carrera by ADRIANF1esp | Comentado) F1 2014 Season - Italy Review 5758 5759 R3E - BMW E30 | Zandvoort Drifting
Jay Ekkel
Almost a throwback thursday feeling when racing these cars on Zolder!
  1. theresimon likes this.
  2. siranodb
    The anticipation of this update is big.It is a whole game by itself.Great news Jay thank you.
    Jay Ekkel likes this.
  3. theresimon
    How close to the release is it.
    By the way you do realise it's the 9th in Australia right. So do we get our hands on it first?

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