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R3E GT3 - Amazing battle against Julian Kunze!

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RACE ROOM_GARA ONLINE_A chi si butta piu volte fuori pista!! R3E | Formula RaceRoom 2 @ Mid-Ohio | 1:14.221 | 60 fps Mr.C @ RaceDepartment - Aquila CR1 - RaceRoom Raceway (Bridge) Mr C @ RaceDepartment   Audi TT   Monza GP Audi TT - Monza GP Reality Check - R3E - Audi TT Sport - Hockenheim GTR-Masters | RaceRoom | DTM2013 | Hockenheimring | Balazs Toldi OnBoard R3E GT3 - Amazing battle against Julian Kunze! BMW M1 ProCar - Spa R3E Nordschleife 1 R3E Nordschleife 2 R3E Nordschleife 3
Amazing battle against Julian Kunze with GT3 class at Nürburgring! -- Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/itzmoo
►Twitch.tv Stream: https://twitch.tv/itzMoo
►Twitter: https://twitter.com/iTzMo @iTzMo

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