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PSRL Super League 2014 | Interlagos | Balazs Toldi OnBoard

Balazs Toldi
Start Position ► 1st
Race Result ► 1st
Pole Position ► Balazs Toldi - 1:20.496
Most laps lead ► 53/53
Changeable weather (RFE Weather Plugin)

Results ►
Qualifying: http://psrl.liveracers.com/Results/Result/a9788b2c-209e-4781-8056-016e5267503f
Race: http://psrl.liveracers.com/Results/Result/6943f760-afd9-4be7-a20b-769addc69ab6

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Partners / Sponsors►
► ToldiNET - http://toldinet.hu
► Simracing.hu - https://www.facebook.com/simracinghungary
► Virtual Simracing - http://vsr.hu

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