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Project Immersion - Mini vs Abarth - Silverstone National - Assetto Corsa

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I had a quick blast in the standard (although this has the sports pack so is quite quick anyway for a mini, but then tried the Step 1 and 2 versions and it came alive with the latter iteration. I stood up a field of 11 opponents, 6 of which were in the Fiat Abarth, which is pretty even standing against the Step 2 spec and sat in 12th position on the starting line at Silverstone National circuit, poised to have a go at overtaking and winning the race.
From the outset the torque steer from the little FWD Mini made me smile from ear to ear and is so evident in this mod, so much more so than in the Abarth, which I would imagine is more likely to be present in real life than in AC. The handling with the Step 2 package is fantastic and the ability to screech around the circuit is at the tip of your right foot.
I managed to get past a couple of Abarths early on, they had been positioned towards the back of the field on the grid, then started picking my way towards the front of the pack. The green Abarth was not happy that I had passed him on lap 2 and as we went round Maggotts, he performed an 'Italian Job' on my rear quarter, spinning me off-piste and almost in to the safety fencing. I recovered without bending my front end (or the fence) and lost a few places, but set about gaining them back with a vengeance.
The race ended up in victory for me, but only by a whisker. The AI on 100% is quite interesting although they do seem to give up the fight with very low aggression for the main part.
It was a very enjoyable race in the little Mini and I will definitely be revisiting this little red devil again. Hope fully the modders will continue development and add more colours and some brake lights in the near future.

More information about my setup can be found on my website:
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