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Project CARS vs real life: McLaren MP4-12C GT3 @ Spa

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I bet you´ve seen all these "Project CARS vs real life" videos where someone manufactures a lap to be as close as possible to the real thing, and then show it side by side.

What I´ll do here is the opposite, set a fair set of conditions and try to go as far ahead of real life as my driving allows me.



- Free practice mode
- Cloudy, 7th September, 12:00


- The car must have enough fuel to come back to the pits after the hotlap.
- Engine cooling, brake cooling and tyre pressures must be suitable for a race (no TT exploits).


- Maximum respect for track limits. I won´t use areas the real cars can´t use even if the game allows it.
- After some practice and setup work, I gave myself 30 minutes to do the official laps, the ones that would count.


The gap is pretty big but this is a long track, so even if the car is off, it´s a bit more accurate than the average of what we´ve seen before.


- Source of the real lap:

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