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Project CARS vs real life: Formula Gulf 1000 @ Dubai GP

I bet you´ve seen all these "Project CARS vs real life" videos where someone manufactures a lap to be as close as possible to the real thing, and then show it side by side.

What I´ll do here is the opposite, set a fair set of conditions and try to go as far ahead of real life as my driving allows me.



- Free practice mode
- Clear, December 2nd, 1PM


- Moderate respect for track limits. Dubai Autodrome is a joke, yes, and everybody abuses it, sure. I will still try to keep bullshit to a minimum.
- After some practice and setup work, I gave myself two sets of tyres to set the "official" lap.


The gap is very, very big. It is a long layout and the curbs seem far easier to use than the real ones, but the car has no doubt more performance than the real one. It is a bit faster down the straights and it corners much faster.


- Source of the real lap:

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