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Project CARS setup routine: event preparation

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Don´t you feel overwhelmed when you have to start turning around the ridiculous default setups this game offers? I used to.

Follow this tutorial and get a reliable, driveable and rock solid baseline setup to work with in 4 short stints.
  1. Erwin Greven
    Erwin Greven
    Good tutorial. Even when i don't have this game, i still get some useful information.
  2. Erwin Greven
    Erwin Greven
    Tutorials like these should be made in a frequent way. For older games like rF1 and NR2k3 and newer like rF2, Assetto Corsa and iracing and so on.
  3. Dyrgl
    To be fair what I explain here serves for pretty much any of these games.

    It´s just a matter of being organized and having a method and an order on what to work first. I don´t like wasting too much time setting up cars so finding this little method helped me a lot.
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