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Project CARS McLaren P1 destroying the Ring amazing weather changes

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Oculus Rift DK2 - Project CARS - F1 @ SPA Francorchamps WET Assetto Corsa: Spa 0.8 Lotus F1 14 Assetto Corsa mod - Lada 2106 sneak preview Game Stock Car Extreme Triple Monitor Capture Assetto Corsa | Formula Abarth | Detroit Street Circuit Hotlap 1:56.888 Assetto Corsa | Formula Abarth | Petersburg Hillclimb 1:48.560 Project CARS McLaren P1 destroying the Ring amazing weather changes F1 2013 Gameplay (F1 - 2014 Belgium GP | Post Carrera by ADRIANF1esp | Comentado) DiRT 3 [Ford Mustang GT (Trailblazer - Finland)] Assetto Corsa [HD+] ★ BMW Z4 E89 35is ★ Nürburgring Nordschleife PSRL WTCC 2012 | Monza | Balazs Toldi Onboard Virtual Simracing | Formula Masters | Spa-Francorchamps | Balazs Toldi OnBoard PSRL WTCC 2012 | Imola | Balazs Toldi OnBoard PSRL WTCC 2012 | Oschersleben | Balazs Toldi OnBoard
McLaren P1 at Nurburgring, start at early evening, then some rain and have to slow down to stay on black, then road begin to dry but too late to chase the leader, finally sky clouded and i finished at second place. Not bad for car with crazy amount of torque and power.

Unfortunately P1 at this build has disabled electric motors, so Mac is pure RWD beast.

At the end of the day, Ring is heaven place and P1 physics is becoming more and more realistic and understandable (if You believe i can speak ab. P1 live experience lol).

Driven with realistic assists.

08:06 replay

pC build [794]
i7 + EVGA GTX780Ti SC 2way SLI [OC]
Settings [Ultra]
Screens 3xLCD 32" [LG LN5400]
Record: Canon 5D Mark MkII, 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM
Input device [Fanatec CSR]
Driving model [PRO + TC + SC + ABS]
Car setup [Pirelli P Zero Corsa]
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