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Project CARS - Eyefinity + POVcam test

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The Crew [HD+] ★ Closed Beta ★ Camaro SS 2010 ★ Roadtrip - Detroit to New York Round 1 RedBull Ring - BMW M3 GT2 Champ - Race07 #iRacing First Look Donington Park Grand Prix Lotus 49 & 79 Assetto Corsa MP - Fiat 500 S1 at Blackwood (highlights) First 3 laps at Gen Track 1 in a racedepartment.com club race The Crew [HD+] ★ Closed Beta Gameplay Project CARS - Eyefinity + POVcam test Assetto Corsa (0.21.5) - Lotus 98T @ Silverstone Assetto Corsa vs Real life - Ferrari 599xx @ Silverstone 3963 3964 3965 3966 3967
Robert Woodward
So... my dads webcam was broken so i stripped it apart, got it working again but well... the casing was ****ed so he no longer would want it anyway so i had an idea... STICK IT ON A PAIR OF GLASSES! how do you like it? better than the "dashcam" i used in previous videos? also... BMW POWAH! that sound... woah.
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