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Project CARS: Custom Grid Tool Mod - Kart, Superkart vs Prototype @ Glencairn Kart Track

"Project CARS" by Slightly Mad Studios (PC, Steam)

"Custom Grid Tool" Mod developed by crowtrobot based on JDougNY's pCARS Modding Unlocker.

- Kart, Superkart vs Prototype @ Glencairn Kart Track.
- All cars controlled by AI.

125cc Shifter Kart (#4 Blue) won the race!
2nd - Audi R18 e-tron quattro.
3rd - Toyota TS040 Hybrid.

Raced on the Kart track, several turns seem to be a bit tight for Prototype cars to race on. :)

*** Credits ***

Thanks to crowtrobot for "Custom Grid Tool".

Thanks to JDougNY for "pCARS Modding Unlocker".

*** BGM & Sound ***

Race Start Countdown Sound from Gran Turismo 3
Gran Turismo 2 - Call of the Wild
Gran Turismo 4 - Get Closer

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