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PREPARATIONS! My summer car – Shopping trip - Ep.2

Charlie Rosco
Time to go shopping, stock up on food and bug repellent, refuel the car and piss on old mate's floor. Remember to Like and subscribe for more!

Twitter: twitter.com/Charlie_Rosco
Instagram: @Charlie_rosco

Occasional Graphic contributor: Ryan Lee Graphics

Intro: RavenProDesign

MUSIC: https://player.epidemicsound.com/
  1. Alex72
    OMG sitting here and seeing how you or your mate doesnt know how to get heat in a sauna LOL! :D Gotta pour the water from the bucket with the spoon (or whateva in english) onto the hot stones to get STEAM and HEAT. :)
    Charlie Rosco likes this.
  2. Charlie Rosco
    Charlie Rosco
    Yeah it's all a learning experience. I think we should be able to just shower at home haha. Got it sorted now though!
    Alex72 likes this.

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