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Performance test: Formula A vs 2011 Formula 1 @ Nurburgring

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- Free practice mode
- Overcast, July 24th, 2PM


- Maximum respect for track limits, I won´t use any area the real cars can´t use. In this track, I´ll avoid the area inside of turn 3, use limited runoff exiting turn 4 (they put a curb there IRL) and avoid running too much over the high curbs at the last chicane, which are far easier to abuse than the real ones.
- The hotlap must come in a 1 lap run.
- The hotlap must come right after an outlap.
- 6 hotlap attempts were made after 40 minutes of low fuel driving


This went much better than I expected. 6 tenths is a reasonable gap, when I selected this car I feared the worst and expected it to destroy the real car, and it hasn´t been the case, at least at this track!

Having said that, the car IS too fast. Most of the advantage this time seems to come from slow corners.


- Full qualifying results:

- Pole position lap:

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