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PC2 - Bathurst - Lamborghini Diablo GTR - Retro GTO ACE AI race

Jose Ortiz
I'm really liking this...

The Diablo GTR was extensively lightened from the GT, with everything but the roof coming in carbon-fibre, and it came with only one seat—a racing seat surrounded by an integrated roll cage. Aero’ was also drastically improved with a rear-spoiler directly fixed onto the chassis.

Powering the Diablo GTR is the mythical Lamborghini 6-litre V12 pushing out 590hp. Only 32 Diablo GTRs were built, each with lowered and stiffened suspension, rear-wheel drive, and a 5-speed manual transmission. They were raced in the Lamborghini-only Super Trofeo series, but also had some success Down Under where it won the 2003, and 2004 Australian Nations Cup Championship.

A V12 mated to a 5-speed manual ’box pushing 590hp and weighing 1,395KGs along with and scissor doors—does it get any more primal than that?
More here: https://www.projectcarsgame.com/newspc2/project-cars-2-welcomes-lamborghini-7-raging-bulls-built-to-perform.html?lang=en
  1. paul carter
    paul carter
    A pedal upgrade I see..? Nice choice .. what wheel base do you you? Direct drive it looks like?
    Jose Ortiz likes this.
  2. Jose Ortiz
    Jose Ortiz
    Yes, and very happy with them. The wheel base is Leo Bodnar SS V2. Thanks for watching!
  3. paul carter
    paul carter
    Jealous of both your shinny pedals an the Bodnar... good videos,thanks for posting.
    Jose Ortiz likes this.
  4. Jose Ortiz
    Jose Ortiz
    You're welcome.

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