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Onboard lap of the DHL Berlin ePrix

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Jordan Adcock
Ride onboard with a BMW i8 around the track layout for the DHL Berlin ePrix.
  1. airutonpurosuto8912 likes this.
  2. Jimlaad43
    Oh I see, they sent someone to the airport with a load of cones and said "go crazy"!
    Decenten and KyleLewis71 like this.
  3. nikh
    01/04 must`ve come around early this year.
  4. Darth
    I thought the i8 was a hybrid and not an
    electric car. I can't hear an engine roaring,
    just the aerodynamic drag noise.
  5. Decenten
    I dont think the track flows enough. I reckon it will be unpopular and a boring race...

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