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NR 2003: Redline GTP Mod - FSB Racing League Round 9 @ Hockenheim

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Gui Cramer
Only the second time this season I qualified and got a welcoming 3rd spot on the grid. However a glitchy track caused big problems early on.

The pole setter (#28) had issues and couldn't start, so he began the race a lap down. That caused P2 (#0) to be placed on the lead, but an issue with the start put him in an impossible position and he was given a black flag. The accidents at the start happened as people came on full gas to a halted grid, as #0 was told to let me (#85) pass.

So #28 spent the whole time trying to make up for lost ground, #0 pitted three times trying to sort his penalty (until being forced to retire), and I inherited the lead by lap 3. It was a matter of administering the car and tires until the end of the 25 laps. Throughout the grid, there was some close racing but sadly we had 2 additional retirements. This was my best attempt at capturing the highlights, something difficult given the quality of this track. My race personal best took place just 2 laps before my pit stop, a pleasant 1m50s lap. In the end, #28 was able to finish on the lead lap, nearly taking P4.

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