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NR 2003: Redline GTP Mod - FSB Racing League Round 8 @ Spa-Francorchamps - 2nd!

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Gui Cramer
Round 8 of FSB Racing's GTP Series, and my third race appearance. The race was set to 23 laps, 2x fuel as usual.

Spa is one of the two tracks in NR2003 I know best (the other being Le Mans), and with that I was quite excited. With a good dozen laps of practice, the car felt good and I was confident of a very good starting position, and fighting for a top spot. But it wasn't to be, as braking for the Bus Stop on my hotlap (set to be at 2 minutes flat), my car exploded off the curb.

Starting from last meant having to deal with passing theoretically slower cars, which in a mod like this, can be very difficult. Such was to be the case when, on lap 3, after having set the fastest lap, I get surprised by braking about 100m too soon from P3, who was coming off a slow corner. Sadly for me, it led to damaged chassis and tires, but P3 was able to continue without problems.

From them on it was a race to salvage anything. With other drivers struggling or missing the start, I was soon back in 4th place and suddenly actually in 2nd due to a disconnection and a pitstop. Then what ensued were laps pushing the Sauber C9 as much as I could given my short experience and setup limitations, bringing the gap from 46s to 29s by race's end, and a string of hotlaps to finish starting at 18:31, including a 2-minute flat which was also the race's best.

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