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Nissan 180sx Gymkhana Drift at Mišeluk - Assetto Corsa (Mod Download)

Scott van Breda
Game: Assetto Corsa
Car: SDC Nissan 180sx D1 Street
MOD DOWNLOAD: mega:///#!H5JwnJjb!g7TNW6b29iftJ5B9yrkk2nyXPlzgZauvmKvjbXtprjo
Track: Mišeluk Gymkhana
Driver: Scott van Breda

T300RS Wheel and TH8A Shifter
PC Specs:
  1. Esox71 likes this.
  2. Esox71
    tiz awesome m8 :)
    Scott van Breda likes this.
  3. Scott van Breda
  4. Taizor
    nice man! can i get the download for the car? the link in the description dosen't work :/
  5. Scott van Breda
    Scott van Breda
    i fixed the link with an updated version, also another car in there too. sorry it didnt work first time bro

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