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Nascar Racing 2003 Season - RedLine GTP Sauber 6 Lap Race @ Kyalami

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Gui Cramer
I did this test race in the 007 VTR Sauber to test my default AI setup, and it was a success! At 100% the AI lapped ~2.5s faster and there were no drawbacks to the AI path. I was also using the base set which explains why my gearing is not optimized and I somewhat redline the RPMs especially in the draft. I started p24 and finished on p8, a few spots thanks to a couple of accidents. Oh yeah, and oops about bumping that car in the slow down lap :p.

I will continue testing on other tracks but it looks good :). Hopefully before long I will be updating it for every track I have and also uploading the files to my mega GTP space in the link below. As usual this was no aids except for clutch, but this time the AI was at 100% instead of 105% just to test the baseline times.

Everything is maxed out at 1920x1080 resolution recorded with nVidia ShadowPlay, the track is Kyalami pwf beta (GPL conversion and part of the trackpack below) and I am using the HQ sky, resolution, and exhaust update (all available in the link).

*All the files you'll need*

Redline GTP v1.1 mod ; Group C liveries and carsets (Le Mans, IMSA, OATAS) ; GTP track pack ; HD steering wheels with template ; Sound update ; GTP setups ; Pitcrew and car templates ; Nascar Racing 2003 with patch ; Alcohol 52% (to read disk image without having to use your actual disk):


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